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Message to Principals

Message to Principals

Dear Principals,

Firstly, we thank you indeed for your interest in getting to know about and exploring the opportunity of employing Vietnamese crew for your vessels. Given poor conditions of the shipping market at present and the fact that shipping companies worldwide are striving for cost cutting measures, the idea of employing Vietnamese has more than ever become a hot topic. Why is that? That is because using Vietnamese crew can help shipping companies cut running costs of their fleet by a wide margin through reducing much of the manning costs without compromising on crew quality. It is likely that this idea is too new to you to decide, but some big shipping companies in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have ... Read more



Over the years of our work we have formed an extensive database of marine specialists and established close contacts with marine educational institutions and training centers. Professional approach, responsibility, attentive and friendly attitude to seafarers and ability to solve arising problems quickly are the qualities which distinguish our Company.   We recognize that vessel performance and the management of risk depends upon the effective selection and retention of competent seafarers. We select qualified personnel to work on a diverse range of vessels including ... Read more