Published 16:57 PM on 12.04.20145122

Over the years of our work we have formed an extensive database of marine specialists and established close contacts with marine educational institutions and training centers.

Professional approach, responsibility, attentive and friendly attitude to seafarers and ability to solve arising problems quickly are the qualities which distinguish our Company.  

We recognize that vessel performance and the management of risk depends upon the effective selection and retention of competent seafarers.

We select qualified personnel to work on a diverse range of vessels including all types of container carriers, dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers. Today, our extensive connections and database of Vietnamese seafarers allows us to react quickly to any requests from Principals.

Understanding the market development tendencies, we are widening our services, giving our Company an opportunity to operate in the tightening conditions of crewing market and the growing competition.

East Star Shipping Co., Ltd offers the following services to its Principals:

  • Recruiting specialists, namely, officers, engineers and ratings whose experience and qualification comply with Principals' requirements;
  • Recruiting marine educational institution cadets and graduates for shipboard training and further employment on our Principals' ships;
  • Checking that candidates have appropriate marine documents in accordance with SWTC 78/95 and those documents are valid for the entire duration of the contract;
  • Organizing additional training for seafarers;
  • Executing any documents required by the ship flag state administration;
  • Assisting in getting necessary visas, drawing up crew lists;
  • Ordering and arranging tickets using marine tariffs;
  • Planning schedules of crew changes;
  • Accounting and payment of wages to ships' crewmembers;
  • Full crew management.

Working with a high number of companies, we deal with different types of staff management contract every day. Learning many valuable practices from our partners and adding our own experience, we offer true partnership based on our professional approach, deep knowledge of our Principals' business and a focus on their interests.