Core values

Published 14:53 PM on 13.05.20145315

Customer Orientation: We are totally committed to meeting the needs of our Principals.

Professionalism: We uphold our professionalism in what we do by doing everything towards perfect ends. We are capable, knowledgeable and teamwork-oriented in delivering services to meet our Principals’ needs.

Responsibility: We take due care and responsibility in delivering our commitments.

Loyalty: We are loyal and honest professionals. We do our best to maintain our integrity and firmly adhere to our moral code.

Transparency & Ethical: We consider transparency as an essential element of good corporate governance. It gives our Principals and other stakeholders a means to hold us to account. We accept our community responsibilities and communicate honestly with our stakeholders.

Trust: All what we do are aimed at building the most vital element in our corporate governance, namely, trust. We are committed to making every effort to build trust between our company with our Principals, Crewmembers and other stakeholders because we are certain that we are never successful without the trust of our Principals, Crewmembers and other stakeholders.