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East Star Shipping Co., Ltd is a manning company established in the year 2011. The company was founded and has grown up as a result of its founder’s plentiful achievements and experience after his long engagement in the crew manning field at the Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines) since 1997. During this period he was involved in planning and carrying out the supply of Vietnamese crew for renowned shipping companies, such as, Inlaco Japan, Nissho Shipping Co., of Japan, and Pos Ship Management of South Korea, and Dania Marine of Denmark. Consequently, the company has expansive connections among the crew pool in Vietnam and can easily mobilize good seafarers to meet an order from Principals.

Staffed with highly skilled professionals and competent crewmembers who have extensive experience and expertise in the crew manning agency respect, the company is always available at all times to meet Principals’ crewing needs. East Star Shipping Co., Ltd. lives up to its commitment to serve Principals whenever and wherever they need most efficiently. East Star Shipping Co., Ltd would like to emphasize that providing a perfect service to Principals in the respect of manning agency is our top goal. We commit ourselves to providing fast, reliable and competitive agency service to all Principals without compromising on quality.

The company is now supplying Vietnamese engineers/officers for vessels of Pacific International Lines (PIL) managed by Apex Ship Management Pte., Ltd in Singapore, with our crew working onboard three vessels, namely, Kota Berlian, Kota Berani and Kota Berjaya, which are trading between China and South African area, transporting mostly heavy lift project cargoes. The company is working toward having full Vietnamese crew complements onboard vessels managed by Apex. The company’s full style is as follows:

+ East Star Shipping Company Ltd.

+ Add: 99/54/143 Ton Duc Thang Street – Hai Phong city- Vietnam.

+ Tel: (84) 31 3734698; Fax: (84) 31 3734697.

+ Email: