Company Mission and Vision

Published 16:07 PM on 13.05.20145329

East Star Shipping Co., Ltd always attaches a great importance to the quality of crewmembers by fully complying with Regulations and Requirements of the STCW 95 Convention. Finding out and satisfying the specific and individual needs and requirements of all Principals are always our primary concerns. For that purpose, we will unceasingly strive to look for and hire and propose only the best-qualified and experienced officers and ratings for all of our Principals.


East Star Shipping Co., Ltd pays special attention to the crew and their families in order to ensure that they can perform their best abilities while on board their respective vessels. A very strict policy that East Star Shipping Co., Ltd sets forth and persistently pursues is that no charge or no cash advances is required from our seamen and their families before their departure or at any time during their association with us.


Quick response and a commitment to satisfying beyond principals’ expectations have been the philosophies of East Star Shipping Co., Ltd. These demonstrate its efforts on its way to the future. We will maintain our course, keeping ears and eyes wide open and ready to take on any challenge that may arise ahead.